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All burritos come w/ rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and sour cream in a giant flour tortilla. Your choice of meat.


  • Pescado/Fresh Fish

  • Camarones/ Shrimp w/ Peppers

Full size: $8.99

Half size: $7.00

  • "What the Boys Eat"

Full size: $8.69

Half size: $6.59


  • Carnitas/Roasted Pork

  • Carne Adovada/Marinated Pork

  • Chile Verde/ Pork w/ Green Chili

  • Carne Asada/Steak

  • Carne Desebrada/Shredded Beef

  • Pollo Asado/Broiled Chicken

  • Vegetarian/Fresh Vegetables

  • Machaca/Egg 

       Full size: $8.49

       Half size: $6.49


Bean and Cheese:    $4.49

Smothered in Chile Verde: +$2.19

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